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Savayda Jarone

Savayda was discovered by herbs twenty two years ago. Her life changed when she wandered into a herbal apothecary in a quaint courtyard in London, England. In that experience she realized that herbal medicines heal and that they have been used to do so by all peoples throughout the ages. She was attracted to herbs for their ability to restore health gently, yet effectively, without causing harm, and found resonance with the holistic philosophy of the practice of herbal medicine. She knew then and there that she wanted to be a herbalist.

She has been a driving force in the herbal movement in the Maritimes. She operates a full time clinical practice and dispensary, offers several year-long courses in herbal medicine for adults and children, leads workshops and herbwalks, and reaches the masses through writing and media appearances.

She feels extremely fortunate to be living her life passion, to connect people with plants for healing and wellness. She takes at least 15 herbs a day.

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